Ryoji Ikeda: Test Pattern og Dream Amsterdam 2008

test pattern

To nyheder: Første nyhed er, at et nyt udspil (hans ottende): test pattern, er blevet udgivet på pladeselskabet raster-noton. Fra deres beskrivelse:

following dataplex cd (raster-noton, r-n068), test pattern is the second audio release in ryoji ikeda’s multimedia project datamatics; an ongoing exploration of the potential to perceive the invisible multi–substance of data that permeates our world.

test pattern acts as a system that converts any type of data (text, sounds, photos and movies) into barcode patterns and binary patterns of 0s and 1s. through the conversion of raw data into digital audio files, ikeda enables us to listen to the flow of data, creating an extraordinary and unexpected soundtrack. these sequences of data reveal a rich variety of microscopic structures which form ikeda’s raw material; working with these micro-structures they sometimes form the basis of chronological sequences, sometimes he focuses on their rhythmic qualities. all sounds are the result of ikeda’s manipulation of this raw data.

test pattern aims to examine the relationship between critical points of device performance and the threshold of human perception, pushing both to their absolute limits. almost all tracks on this release are unsuitable for conversion into high-quality mp3 files. the velocity of the audio files is ultra–fast, some hundreds of frames per second, so that the album provides a performance test for the audio equipment, as well as a response test for the audience’s perceptions. Link

Og så en advarsel:

a sticker on the cd jacket warns of high volume listening as this may cause damage to equipment and eardrums.

Jeg tror denne type advarsler, der i forskellige variationer har været påklistret alle Ikedas seneste udgivelser, mest er en reklamegimmick lavet til at appellere til electronica/japanoize-nørder (som mig), der sætte en drengerøvs-ære i at høre det med ekstreme og larmende musik opdriveligt. Sådan her lød det om hans sidste plade dataplex:

the last track (data.adaplex) contains specific waveform data that subtly reveals the tolerances involved in processing digital signals. it will cause some cd players to experience unpredictable playback errors; this will not damage equipment in any way.

En advarsel gav dog lidt mere mening til en af hans koncerter, jeg oplevede i 2005 i Barbicans koncertsal i London. Her blev der, så vidt jeg husker, advaret om, at folk med pacemakere, epileptikere og folk sarte øre ikke burde være tilstede. Og der gav det mening.

Mere om test pattern, når jeg har fået lyttet den igennem.

Og så den anden nyhed:

PÃ¥ mandens egen hjemmeside fandt jeg omtale af et offentligt kunstprojekt – eller to vist – han har lavet i Amsterdam:

For DREAM AMSTERDAM 2008, Ikeda will use pure light as the material for his interventions in various secret locations across Amsterdam. Intensely bright light installations will appear mysteriously, connecting a constellation of points across the cityscape. The energy used in this project is generated from sustainable, recycled resources.

On June 7, the SILENT NIGHT event presents a unique opportunity to experience the city as never before: Amsterdam switches off her lights. The darkness maximizes the contrast with the bright light of Ikeda’s installations spread over the city.
Ryoji Ikeda and Dream Amsterdam Foundation invite residents of Amsterdam and visitors to actively participate in the SILENT NIGHT event and help contribute to the realization of Ikeda’s Dream, promising to deliver an extraordinary transformation of the city of Amsterdam for one night only. Link

Der er mere info her, med det lader sig ikke citere, da det er Flash. Fantastisk, at der er folk, der hyrer denne type kunstnere til offentlige projekter.